Save Configs for auto launch on Big Picture


Hello guys, anyone know if there's a way to configure eveything and save it as batch file or something so that we only need to click that file and that's it, it starts to launch everything as you configured before.

I'm asking this because I'm using the tool a lot for left 4 dead 2 with four people, I've always launch the first campaign and then use the Call a Vote in game to change Campaign, it works like a charm but because we need to open the tool everytime it does get Big Picture friendly, if it were possible to make a shortcut to launch everything as you configured before it would be great.

I don't know if you guys are familiar with this but what I'm seeking is something like the make .exe PCSX2 Bonus has, or the command line option to auto load Isos on Dolphin.

Anyone know if is possible to do this and if so do you know how?