Cannot get it working at all


So I downloaded the program in order to play the entire Borderlands series with a friend. I've done the sandboxie method before with mixed feelings (a pain to setup, sound issues, and necessary second screen). So i saw the program and thought it would be cool.

However, for the life of me, i cannot get this working. Here's what happens for each of the games in order.

Borderlands 1: First version of the game loads fine, second version fails to load at all, which causes issues with the program, then it crashes, failing to move the game to it's proper location, and leaving it in the center of the screen.

Borderlands 2: This is actually the one that works the most, but doesn't work because the screens are black. The program executes properly, as in it launches two versions, gives me time to link the two controllers, and I can navigate the main menus independently, but no images ever appear on the individual games, and when they move to the correct positions, i am left with a black screen (not a crashed computer, but nothing is showing).

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: The program loads the first version fine, but when it tries to load the second one, it fails to find WillowGame.ini. It then gives me the chance to find it, but it crashes before i can navigate to it, along with the first version of the game.

As of yet, i have not tested it with L4D2, although i will shortly. I am running the .exe as an administrator, and I have tried running it from the Downloads folder, the desktop, and even the game directory. I am using the steam version of all three games.

This app has way too much potential for me to leave it alone, so if you can give me any help in this matter, that would be awesome.