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Released: Aug 13, 2013
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Release Notes

Hi guys! I'm an experienced .NET programmer, and really got angry because they didn't include a Split-screen option on the PC version of the game.
So, I searched the internet, and found several ways of running the game on split-screen or multi-monitor, but all of them involved having several programs, and are not easily modified for playing with different number of players.
Here's my tool, for playing Borderlands 2 on the PC on Split-Screen, easily!

Cool stuff:
- Runs 4 players on only 1 monitor!
- Runs on multi-monitor perfectly
- Runs on Split-Screen (with no issues!)

I'd like to remember this is a BETA version, I'd reallly appreciate feedback, so I can fix it, and make it perfect!

This workk with the Steam Version!

Instructions of usage:
1. Select the Game you want to play (Currently, only Borderlands 2)
2. Select your Borderlands2.exe File. DO NOT select the Launcher, it won't work! (I will fix this soon).
3. Select the amount of Players that will be playing.
4. Set the Delay. The default is 10 (seconds). This is the time it will wait to begin doing stuff. If it begin too early, it might crash. So, put on this box the time your PC needs to start the game.
5. Press the RIGHT mouse-button and set every player to every monitor or split-screen configuration you want.
Press PLAY!
6. If you want to, you can change the SaveID for each player. SaveID 0 is the first player, the default player for Borderlands.
Wait the Delay time you inserted, and the screens will be on their positions!
7. Set Network to LAN.
8. Open a Game on any Player.
9. Join the LAN game on other players.

Known issues:
- If your PC can't handle the game at your screen`s resolution, set your Windows`s resolution to lower BEFORE opening the App.
- DON`T modify the resolution in-game.

How it works:
- The app modifies the WillowEngine.ini based on user input and resolution of the screen.
- Then, the app starts Borderlands, and monitors the Process and sets the Window`s locations to the appropriate area.

Upcoming Features:
- Resolution changer: Sets your monitor resolution to a custom value, so you can run the game at lower resolutions.
- Whatever you guys ask for! I really appreciate feedback!
BVersion 1.0/B
Remade program, now it has a whole new system for inserting other games too!
- The program removes the start bar -> Just close the program and the start bar will come back.
- The program removes Borderlands Borders, so it first perfectly up to 4 players on just 1 screen.

I don't know if I can ask for donations, if I can't, just warn me and I will remove it right away:
If you want to donate to help me build this project, and help me update this project for other games,URL="" please click here/URL

I'm looking forward to adapting this project to work with Black Ops 2 (Zombies).

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